Consigning with Showcase Consignments, Inc.

Bring us the items you are no longer using, they can make money for YOU!

    1. Our high traffic area means high visibility for better sales.
    2. We display your items in a clean, attractive setting.
    3. We pay for advertising.
    4. No strangers coming to your home.
    5. We run all the risks of check and credit card problems.

  We have been buying gold and silver for 15 years bring us one piece to entire collection and our GIA certified staff will determine whether it is worth more than scrap price and give you options as to selling or consigning your merchandise.


Items are consigned for 60 to 90 days, with a 10% mark down at 30 and 60 days.. After 60 days consignors may pick up unsold items or leave them for an additional 30 days. After 90 days items are subject to donation closeout or other means of disposal.

Consignors receive 65% of items selling for over $25.00, and 50% of items selling for $25.00 and under. Price is established by our knowledgable staff, with your approval , allowing for fair pricing to both our consignors and our customers.

Fine jewelry is not automatically marked down and is usually at 70 % to the consignor. Also has longer consignment terms.

.Consignor checks are available for pick up on the last day of the month the item is sold in. After 10 days all remaining checks are mailed.

QUALITY at Showcase Consignments, Inc.

We reserve the right to decline any item we feel is not saleable.

All items accepted for consignment  should be in good condition. 

In the case of upholstered furniture items must be clean and free of tears rips and holes.

We do ask that items be clean and/or polished, or a charge will be applied for this service.

 We reserve the right to limit items especially items priced at a nominal amount.

We cannot take chipped or broken items.


Transportation & Delivery

Transportation is normally provided by our customers. Call or email for help in determining the best method for moving items.

We can refer you to several delivery pick up services for your particular needs.


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